CNC equipment, production machinery

All production is performed using machining centres DECKEL MAHO and Hermle including continuous 5-axis machining.

We have developed an optimum technology process for each product to minimize the production time and to achieve the desired tolerances.

We have very good machine tools, we use pneumatic clamping of workpieces, vacuum clamping and various jigs, which we also manufacture when needed.

We cooperate with smaller flexible companies, which possess the following equipment: CNC lathes with rotating tools and twin-spindles, spark-erosive machining, laser cutting (with rotating head), CNC cutting, stamping.

We inspect parts using WENZEL CNC coordinate measurement machine. Upon request, we also provide measurement protocols with the products.

Hermle C12

Pětiosé obrábění (5D) DECKEL DMU 50 eVo

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